Hi! Nice that you take the time to read this. We would like to tell you a bit about ourselves and our business. We are two young ladies from the Netherlands, Lindy & Quirine. We are 19 and 20 years old and together we own this business. 

Lindy is the customizer of the sneakers and clothing. Do you have something nice in mind? Then you can come to her with all your ideas, together you will always arrive at the perfect design! Using Angelus paint, airbrush, and cutting plotter, she can flawlessly apply your (company) name, drawing figure, or other design to the shoes.

Quirine is in charge of the marketing and administration of the LuniQue company. She ensures that the website looks good and deals with purchasing. She also manages social media and maintains contact with customers.

One day, Lindy thought it was fun to paint her new Nikes with some nice panter print, which turned out great. The responses from the people around her were also very positive. Quirine gave her an old shoe to create another design, the Japanese blossom. We took some pictures of the two shoes and posted them on Instagram. 

From then on, everything went very quickly. The demand was high and we already sold 50 pair of shoes in the first month. We did not see this coming at all! It was amazing. 

So we went to the Chamber of Commerce to make our business official. We did not know much about setting up your own company at the beginning, but that is normal. During the process, we learned so much about having your own company. 

What we love is the input from our customers. Everyone has such amazing and creative ideas! We also like that we have demand outside the Netherlands, in different countries of Europe! 

With this blog, we will keep you updated on our journey! If you have questions, do not be afraid to contact us!


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