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This amazing design changes colour in the sun! Inside or without sun, the shoe is just a simple white air force shoe. But if you go out in the sun, the colours change! How nice is that. We have different colour options, the one on our site are light blue with pink and yellow with orange! If you want information on all the colours we have you can contact us and we will show you all the colours available!

Some info you need to know!

  • This shoes are made of a colour powder mixed with angelus paint. 
  • The shoes are sprayed with a water resistant topcoat, so they’re protected against the rain
  • The shoes are generally small, so we recommend that you order ½ size larger than normal
  • If you are not sure about your size, we advise you to try the shoes first in a shoe store
  • It is not possible to return the shoes, because they are custom made