Lindy klein Buursink

- Lindy is the customizer of the sneakers and clothing. Do you have something nice in mind? Then you can come to her with all your ideas, together you will always arrive at the perfect design! Using Angelus paint, airbrush, and cutting plotter, she can flawlessly apply your (company) name, drawing figure, or other design to the shoes.

"Since childhood, I have always been creative. Drawing and painting were my favorite activities. I really enjoy making people happy with personalized shoes or clothing. And that also for a suitable price. "



Quirine van Hillegersberg

- Quirine is in charge of the marketing and administration of LuniQue. She ensures that the website looks good and deals with purchasing. She also manages social media and maintains contact with customers.

“I really enjoy keeping in touch with our customers. I am a social person myself and I enjoy getting positive reactions and creative ideas from our customers. Having my own company has always been my dream and it also ties in very well with my study International Business. I think it's great to do this together with Lindy and make people happy! ”